Londonderry Hometown, Online

Without a doubt Londonderry, New Hampshire is the best place to live, work, and vacation. Only 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Boston, or the White Mountains it is not far if you would like to �Get away� but why bother, if you live here why not play here?


The Parmenter Farm Organization is open to any not for profit group or any friend to Londonderry that wants to promote our great community.



Open to all that are looking for a solution to provide internet and community access to members, officers and those interested in your mission of promoting the great things Londonderry has to offer the Parmenter Farms Organization hosting is available at a reasonable cost.


In addition to providing value in hosting we are pleased to provide a sense of community too! Your friends and neighbors have the same values and appreciate the �Londonderry lifestyle�, friendly links and open communication opportunities abound here on Londonderry, New Hampshire�s home page.



Planting Seeds

For years Londonderry has been an aquarian society, just plant a few seeds, cultivate the crop and watch it grow. That is simply what Londonderry Hometown Online is all about, just like Parmenter Farm in the past, plant some crops, if the first does not work, plant some more, eventually you will be fruitful and produce something of value to your friends and neighbors.


Growing Faith

Members and links to �like minded� community organizations show the quality crop we can grow in Londonderry, New Hampshire. If you would like to join us as a member site, check out our program details, if you would like us to provide a link to your Londonderry website contact us we would be happy to add it.


Together we can make Londonderry Americas Home Town